If a member is in need of emergency assistance, TLE Commands are encouraged to contact the eaf line at: 703-679-TLEA (8532) or EAF@cgtlea.org

EMERGENCY assistance fund

EAF support enables our Deployable Specialized Forces and Tactical Law Enforcement families to focus on what matters the most when tragedy strikes. 

When catastrophic events happen, we rapidly dispense EAF support to the member or immediate family in order to assist with travel costs, lodging, living expenses, funeral arrangements, and other extraordinary expenses related to the emergency that the service is not authorized to cover.

This eliminates the need for teammates at the local level have to "pass the hat," and instead frees them up to support the family in more direct ways. 

All of this is possible because of the generous ongoing support of our many members and donors.

Prior examples include:

  • When a member broke his neck in training, we supported hotel and travel costs so his nine-month pregnant wife could stay near him
  • Supported a member who suffered the tragic and unexpected loss their child
  • Funds for complete childcare of a toddler when a member on deployment to CENTCOM lost his wife unexpectedly
  • Travel funds for a member who was deployed and his young children who were with family in another state, when they lost their wife/mother in tragic circumstances 
  • Funds to support core expenses when a member was shot on duty
  • Travel funds for a young member who lost her father in a tragic accident


When best for the family, we work directly and seamlessly with the Command (CMC, XO, or CO) to coordinate immediate EAF support.

We understand Commands have a lot going on, so we only require a quick touch-base with the Command representative (CMC, XO, or CO) to verify that EAF requirements are met and to coordinate the best way to provide support. 

CGTLEA has supported families at

  • TACLET South
  • MSRT
  • MSST Boston
  • PSU 301
  • PSU 312

We encourage all leadership to set the example and join today.

Understanding the Need

“I can’t thank you enough… I can tell you that without the support I received from CGTLEA and others, I wouldn’t have made it through. Thank you again.”
— EAF Recipient, PSU 301, Police Officer

Nate was conducting a counter drug boarding on a cargo ship in the Caribbean when the drug smuggler crushed him with heavy equipment. With a broken leg, broken arm, collapsed lungs, and a broken collar bone, Nate was MEDEVAC’d to an emergency room in Puerto Rico where doctors pronounced he would probably not make it. His wife, desperate to see him, needed to fly from the U.S. to visit him but there were no funds available.

Unfortunately, this type of scenario plays out multiple times a year in this community. Filling this void is one of the main reasons the Foundation was launched. The Foundation lets you "take care of your family, while we worry about the rest.” The Foundation dispenses a fixed amount of money to provide financial assistance to the immediate family of our members who are seriously injured or killed in training or operations, and when travel is required of the family to facilitate hospital visitation or funeral activities.

In this particular situation, Nate is a tough guy and made it through, but it doesn't always go as we hope and that’s why this fund is so important.

After suffering a career ending injury conducting defensive tactics in 2013 my career, life and family were in a whirlwind. As soon as I was injured and word had spread through shipmates. The Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Association fully supported my family through generous donations and support through shipmates. I was not part of the organization and I did not know what they did. They checked on me during my stay in the hospital and even now in the MEB Broad Process. The CGTLEA helped me and my family when I needed it the most. I couldn’t ask for a better group of brothers to be a part of.
— Jaime Byrd


“This is the first time he’s been able to REALLY hold our son...thank you guys for your support again!”
— DSF Wife, Mother & EAF Recipient
  • EAF support to a Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT) assaulter deployed to the Middle East who lost his wife in unexpected and tragic circumstances on New Year’s Eve. The Association also worked through the MSRT Command to help spread the word throughout the Community, and you rallied to help the member raise donations and establish a memorial college fund for their young daughter.
  • EAF support to a retired DSF Tactical Operator and his family who tragically experienced the sudden and unexpected death of their newborn daughter. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and financial support on behalf of this family.
  • EAF support to the family of Petty Officer Christopher Page, an operator at Tactical Law Enforcement Team South (Opa-Locka, FL) who lost his life in a tragic off-duty accident. ME1 Page served two tours in Iraq and participated in Coast Guard operations in more than 29 countries. CGTLEA provided funds to assist his wife and their 5-year-old daughter through this difficult time.
  • EAF support to Maritime Enforcement Specialist Jamie Byrd assigned to Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team (PACTACLET) in San Diego, CA, who fractured his neck in training. CGTLEA worked with PACTACLET to help ME1’s wife Kim, mother of one young child and nine-months pregnant with baby #2, to support lodging and travel so Kim could be near the hospital.
  • EAF support to a reserve member at Port Security Unit 301 (Camp Perry, OH) who, as a Norwich Police Officer, was shot four times in a standoff with a suicidal man. He sustained bullet wounds to the leg, shoulder, neck, and hand that left questions whether he could return to his law enforcement and military duties. Working with the PSU 301 Command, CGTLEA provided financial assistance to help offset pay and pension reductions during his recovery. We’re happy to report that our Brother returned to full duty within nine months of the incident.