We support Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement families during times of tragedy. We take care of our own, when they need us the most.


The Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Foundation has worked with multiple Commands to assist families facing the tragic death or injury of the service member or an immediate family member. Through the Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF), the Foundation provides immediate financial support to help fund travel costs, lodging, living expenses, funeral arrangements, and other items that are frequently not eligible through traditional government funded support services.

The EAF reduces the need to "pass the hat" at the local unit level through a reliable and repeatable process, allowing the operator to focus on family rather than immediate finances. Your support and donations have made the difference for our TLE families at units such as PACTACLET, TACLET South, MSRT, MSSTs, and PSUs. Find out how you can help.

Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax ID# 45-5219729



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