The Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Association was notified that an active duty Petty Officer in our community had recently experienced the sudden death of his spouse. This happened while the member was TDY, and the family has two young children.

Due to your membership commitments, we were able to immediately provide an amount of financial support. Additionally, since our original notification of this situation, several of our members have made generous donations specifically for this cause, and all of those funds will be given directly to the family. Admittedly, any amount of funds seems small in comparison to the circumstances facing this young family, but hopefully this support can be used to offset incurred expenses and enable our brother to focus on his family while we help ease some the burden in this time of immense need and grief. Please keep our brother and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

The CGTLEA is in its early infancy, and this type of swift support would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our members. Thank you. Your actions are a powerful demonstration that we take care of our own in the Coast Guard and in the Tactical Law Enforcement community. Should anyone wish to contribute to our bereavement efforts, we encourage you, and your family and friends, to join and/or donate.