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We exist to support the bond we share as Brothers-in-arms, wherever life takes us. Whether Active Duty, reserve, Retired, or Separated, CGTLEA is home to the Brotherhood of tactical law enforcement professionals. Join now!

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Our mission is to support our members and families; serve as the voice for the tactical law enforcement community; strengthen our fraternity of Tactical Law Enforcement professionals; facilitate the process to improve our programadvance the reputation of the Tactical Law Enforcement community; and provide our brothers in arms a common meeting grounds for themselves and their families to gather and enjoy the camaraderie of all those who have served in supporting TLE units. 


Regular membership eligibility criteria:

  • Two or more years of service in a Deployable Specialized Forces command cadre or operational assignment; or
  • Designation to wear the Tactical Law Enforcement Insignia; or
  • Designation to wear the Port Security Unit Insignia; or
  • Certification as an Advanced Interdiction Coxswain.

Associate membership eligibility criteria:

  • Less than two years of service in a Deployable Specialized Forces command cadre or operational billet; or
  • Coast Guard service in a Harbor Defense Command Unit or Naval Coastal Warfare Squadron; or
  • Any service in a Deployable Specialized Forces mission support billet (including staff assignments); or
  • Any service at a law enforcement training center such as the Special Missions Training Center, Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, or Regional Fisheries Training Center; or
  • Any Maritime Enforcement Specialist rated personnel; or
  • Any Coast Guard personnel with current or previous law enforcement certifications (i.e., Boarding Officer, Tactical or Pursuit Coxswain, Tactical or Pursuit Boat Crew Member); or
  • Any current or former Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) Special Agent; or
  • Any international training/operational advisory service (DIAT/IMLET/ITD/MTB, MIPFTAG); or
  • Any Coast Guard service in a Combat Tax Exclusion Zone; or
  • Any Coast Guard service at Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron or other aviation unit engaged in aerial use of force, rotary wing air intercept, tactical fast roping, or other law enforcement related activities; or 
  • Any Coast Guard service aboard CGC NATHAN BRUCKENTHAL (WPC 1128).

Supporter Society eligibility criteria:

You have the option to choose your own level of membership support, and any amount above the $5/mo membership dues is treated as a tax-deductible (to the extent that the law allows) voluntary donation to directly support the Emergency Assistance Fund & Nate Bruckenthal Memorial Scholarship!

If you have any questions, concerns or would like another option, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or on Facebook